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NEW Smart MX1000HD-Xtream HD Streaming Media TV Box Fully Explained

Quick Start PDF Instructions Sheet For MX1000HD-Xtream

Quick Start PDF Instructions Sheet For MX1000HD-Xtream

Download Quick Start PDF Instructions Sheet For The MX1000HD-Xtream TV Media Box Here

Download The MX1000HD-Xtream Quick Start Instuctions Sheet Here

What Is The Smart MX1000HD-Xtream Stream TV Box

What Is The Smart MX1000HD-Xtream Stream TV Box


Still Confused? Well Don't Be, Just Click Here! For More Info On The New Smart MX1000HD-Xtream IPTV MultiMedia HD TV Box

Smart MX1000HD Xtream About The Box

Smart MX1000HD Xtream About The Box

Smart MX1000HD Xtream TV Box About The Box

Smart MX1000HD Xtream Media TV Box was brought about by MultiMedia Systems to help everyone enjoy online streaming content without the headaches involved with complicated setting up and software know how, so even a child can use it.
The Smart MX1000HD Xtream Media TV Box is designed to work out of the box, all you have to do plug it into your television and connect it to your internet (it's literally that simple) then let the box update from the dedicated Linux server, once updated you're ready to go, Enjoy!

All Daily Updates Are Free, So just sit back and enjoy your TV viewing.

MultiMedia Systems is The Exclusive Official Disstributor of The Smart MX1000HD Xtream HD Media TV Box THroughout UK, Ireland & Europe.
We only sell top models with higher specs that work not the cheap inferior non-Linux products without an exclusive backup Linux server or full support.
We do not believe in selling low cost cheap products because we know that they would not live up to the expectations of our customers.
We started small but due to the great support from you our customers we are now able to sell throughout UK, Ireland & Europe.

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Smart-MX1000HD-Xtream And What Do You Receive

Smart-MX1000HD-Xtream And What Do You Receive

What Do I Receive With My New Smart MX1000HD-Xtream HD TV Box?

Well For Starters:
NO SUBSCRIPTIONS TO PAY - Just A One Off Payment And Free Lifetime Updates.

Then Secondly:
The Smart MX1000HD-Xtream Is Loaded With A Smart, Specialy Written, Linux Based, Exclusive Software Interface, And Only Available On The MX1000HD-Xtream And NOT The Same As Any Other Cheap Standard Media or Android Boxes.

And Then:
FREE! Online Dedicated Server With Free Daily Updates
FREE! Updates, Fixes, Software Upgrades Etc. You Just Watch TV.
FREE! HD Movies, HD Sports, Live TV, UK & Wiorld TV Shows. Documentries, Music, Music Videos, Live World Radio & Adult TV Etc. From All Over The World

Here is Some Exclusive Sections Included:
1. MOVIES - Receive All The Latest Cinema Movies From Around The World Sort By Actor, Box Sets, Director, Etc. With Free Daily Updates
2. HD MOVIES - Watch All The Latest Full 1080p HD & DVD Movies Sort By Actor, Box Sets, Director, Etc. With Free Daily Updates
3. 3D MOVIES - Watch All Your Favourite 3D Movies With Free Daily Updates
4. TV SHOWS - Watch All Your Favourite TV Shows From Around The World Including All UK, US, Austrailian And Many More All For Free And Upgated Daily
5. LIVE SPORTS - Watch All Your Favourite Live Sports From Around The World in HD Football Including 3pm Games, Boxing, Golf, WWE, Etc.
6. KIDS ZONE - All Your Childrens Favourite HD Films, TV & Shows From Around The World
7. UK TV CATCHUP - Watch All UK English & Irish TV Shows And Series, Watch All TV Shows From The First Series Ever To The Current Day, All Updated Daily For Free, Never Miss A TV Show Ever Again.
Many UK & Irish iPlayers Including BBC, ITV, 4OD, Etc, And Irish RTE, TV3, TG4 iplayers Etc.
8, UK LIVE TV - Watch All The Live UK Freeview TV Channels.
9. WORLD TV - Watch 1,000s of Live English & Foriegn Channels From All Around The World in This Section
10. STREAM MUSIC - Listen To All Your Favourite Streaming Music
11. MUSIC VIDEOS - Watch All Your Favourite Music Videos
12. WORLD RADIO - Listen To Any Radio Channel From All Around Europe And The World
13. DOCUMENTARIES - Watch All Your Favorite Documentary Videos From Arround The World. Including UK US Europe And The World
14. YOUTUBE - Watch All Favorite YouTube Content, And You Can Even Sign In To Your YouTube Account As Well If You Wish.
15. WORLD NEWS - 100s Of Live TV News Channels From Around The World.
15. NAVI-X - 3rd Party Streaming Server.
15. TRAILERS - 1000s Of Movie Trailers .
16. ADULT TV Section 18 Only - Adult Videos From All The Main Adult Servers All Over The World.
17. FAVOURITES - You Can Add All Your Favourite Movies, Music, TV Shows, Etc. Here
18. WEATHER - Gives Your Local Weather Information With 7 Day Forcasting
19. MY PICTURES - You Can View Your Favourite Pictures On TV From Any USB Stick Etc.
20. SETTINGS - Where You Set Your Weather Location And Other Settings Etc.

The MX1000HD-Xtream Box Is Fully Updated On A Daily Basis For Free And All From An Exclusive Dedicated Online Server.
Note: The Online Server is Exclusive To The Official MX1000HD-Xtream Box Only And is Not Available On Any Other Cheap Media Boxes on the Market, And No Technical Knowlage is Needed.

Smart MX1000HD Xtream How It Works

Smart MX1000HD Xtream How It Works

Smart MX1000HD Xtream How It Works.

Smart (yet simple) MX1000HD Xtream Media HD TV Box

Easy to Use Smart MX1000HD Xtream Media HD TV Box

The Smart MX1000HD Xtream Media TV Box has been programmed to be completely plug and play. Plug in to your tv, connect to internet and you are ready to go.

No Monthly Cost

With Smart MX1000HD Xtream Media TV Box you only pay once. (The purchase price of the unit that's it.)

Smart MX1000HD Xtream Media HD TV Box - A Simple Plug and Play Solution.

Designed with ease of use in mind, Smart Media TV Box simply works for absolute beginners and tech savvy individuals alike.

The box comes with the following accessories:

1x Smart MX1000HD Xtream Media TV Box.
1x IR Remote.
1x Power Pack.
1x HDMI Lead.
1x Network Cable.
All you need is 2x AAA batteries (not supplied).

Once the box arrives you only need to connect it to your TV and your internet that's it, and you're away.

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Smart MX1000HD Xtream MX1000HD Main Features

Smart MX1000HD Xtream MX1000HD Main Features

Smart MX1000HD Xtream Media TV Box - Main Features

Smart MX1000HD Xtream Media TV Box - The Most Powerful Smart TV Box Ever! With Dedicated Linux Server And Free Unlimited Lifetime Updates

A simple low cost alternative to Cable or Satellite TV

No Satellite Dish, No TV Aerials, No Cable TV Needed.
You Just Need Your Internet Router And A TV That's It.

Designed for ease of use, The Smart MX1000HD Xtream Media TV Box simply works strait out of thre box connects to dedicated server and fully updates everything, whether for the absolute beginners and tech savvy individuals alike. You don't have to do a thing.

This box is fully updated with a unique Linux based software setup on first connection and with all the best media features and some magic you would expect, nothing complicated and simple to use.
The box has is rooted allowing for a fully working new menu system and navigation bar you get 100% viewing area on your screen (others boxes only offer only 90% or less).

If you encounter any problems, we offer Free Support if required to all our customers - if you need help with anything related to our product we are only happy to help. We will do everything in our power to help you or point you in the right direction.

But wait, WOW! There is some more new awesome stuff!

Simply plug in - Let the Smart MX1000HD Xtream Media TV Box update, and then checkout some brand new content in World TV Films section!

On-Demand Content:

Watch what you want, when you want.

Commercial free programming:

No more being forced to sit through boring commercials

Easy to use:

Easy of use for all age groups, and all technology literacy levels alike.

Full HD & 3D Video;

Enjoy true full 1080p High Definition & 3D TV Content.

No monthly costs:

Pay once; enjoy it every day (Only Your Internet charges still apply)

More than just media player:

A Full Entertainment System in one box.

Best Hardware:

Best hardware specifications.

Best value for money:

Fully customized to work out of the box.

For those interested in some technical specifications

Some technical specifications:

* Smooth 1080p HD video playback.
* Fast operating system for best performance.
* Full access to all multimedia content.
* RJ-Ethernet jack: To connect your wired internet.
* Built-in wireless network card (WiFi): Can be used with wireless internet.
* Hardware Decoding: Watch high definition videos ( UP TO 1080P) without hassle
* 8 GB of Flash Memory
* 4x USB Sockets
* HDMI Full HD Output
* RJ45 Network connection
* AV output via 3.5m Jack Plug.

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Smart MX1000HD Xtream Setup & Support

Smart MX1000HD Xtream Setup & Support

How to setup your new Smart MX1000HD Xtream Media TV Box:


This is important as when you plug in the power lead the box it will power up and start to download from the server for the first time, this MUST NOT be disturbed or disconnected in any way from the power or the internet, and the first download and setup may take as little as 10 mins or as long as 60 mins dependent on your internet connection speed and the upgrade size at that time.

It may look as though the box has frozen while it updates, but this is OK, and is not the case, you must let the box finish the downloading and setup without switching off the power or disconnecting the internet, you will not see any progress info while the box downloads so be patient.

If after 10-60 mins the box has not finished, then check your internet cable connections to your router, and make sure your router has the auto DHCP settings switched on as this can cause your router to block auto connections to the router and internet.

Note: whenever you turn the box on never disconnect or power down the box always wait for the box to finish updating before switching off or disconnecting.

That said, now for your first the Setup.

1. Make sure you understand the important message above.
2. Take out the MX1000HD Media Box, leads and power supply from the packaging.
3. Plug the HDMI from your TV's HDMI Socket to the HDMI Output Socket On the Smart MX1000HD Media Box.
4. Plug in the RJ45 network Cable to the Network Socket on the MX1000HD and the Other End to a Spare Socket on Your Internet Router.
5. Make sure your TV is switched on and the HDMI extension channel is ready to view the MX1000HD box signal.
6. Plug the power lead into the MX1000HD BEFORE plugging into your mains wall socket.
7. Plug the power adaptor to the mains socket, a blue light should then come on the MX1000HD box.

Now making sure your TV is on the right extension channel, you should see the following on screens:

Screen 1. You See "Welcome Screen" about 5-15 Seconds.
(Loads Linux Operating System).
Screen 2. You See "Loading" about 15 - 60 Seconds.
(Software Setup and looks for connection to internet server).
Screen 3. You See "Updating Your Media Box Screen Message" Please Wait Can Take from 2 mins and up to 60 mins for the first Time update, then 2 mins to 10 mins all other update times.
(NOTE: NEVER switch off or disconnect from the internet during the Updating Process)
Screen 4. Loading Software Screen: 30 Seconds. (Finish Update and Loading Main Software & Menus)
Screen 5. You See "You Main User Menu Screen With Ribbon Menu Options" Once in the main user screen some updates will still be updating in the background and will popup saying "Add-ons Updating" etc. this is normal and just ignore them, it is sometimes better to wait a few mins before watching programmes or using menu's so these updates can finish.
If you see an add-on saying it's broken or lost its dependency and asks you "Do You Want to Disable This Add-on" say NO unless instructed otherwise, as the Add-on may be fixed by the server at a later date, otherwise the Add-on will still be disabled and not working anymore even if fixed by the server updates, but if you do disable by saying "Yes" this will stop the warning and you could then enable later if you remember and wish to, or get any problems while disabled, choice is yours.

Now Just One Other Thing: Never Stop the downloading from the internet or switch the box off while the box is in the Updating Your Media Box Screen Mode, Always let the box load fully before switching off, as this can cause a break in the software download or update that can freeze the box or damage the updated files, If you do, Then The Box may have to be returned for re-programming, it's like switching off power on your laptop while updating the software, Not A Good Idea.

You're now ready to Use Your New Smart MX1000HD Media TV Box, Enjoy Your Free TV!

Tips on Using Your New Smart MX1000HD Media TV Box:

Tip 1. To Setup Weather for your area: Go to Settings Screen Click OK, Move Down to Weather Click OK, Go to Settings Click OK, Type Your main Town Area in the search box and move to Done the press OK, Then move right to Highlight Save And Press OK, Then Press Home to exit Settings, You should now see your weather temp, etc. at the top of your TV screen.

Tip 2. If your screen is not showing OK then go to your TV remote then go into your TV screen Picture Settings And Find "Just Scan" Some Older HD Screens Don't Support the auto Scanning and auto setting of the HD Signal into the TV, if your TV does not support "Just Scan" or equivalent settings, then the screen menu's may show slightly incorrectly, don't worry as this will only effect the main menu and no the viewing of movies etc. as this will still be ok and show as normal.

Tip 3. Do Not Attempt To Download Any Extra Add-ons From Settings Etc. As This Can Cause a Lack of Memory or clashes with the server settings or software and can crash the box altogether, also causes slow Updating Speeds, All the Add-ons Needed Are Already There Even When They Say "Not Installed" They Still Work behind the Scenes and in the background used by the Linux software.

Tip 4. There are many paid streams and add-ons on the system but you should never need them as you will get most if not all you need without any paid streams being used, so just ignore them, if however you wish to use a paid streaming service then feel free to do so.

Tip 5. When you go to a list of movies and try all the links and the all the links don't work, go back to your list of movies menu, highlight the name of the movie you are trying to watch, then press the "Menu" or blue button on the remote this, if available in the that menu, will bring up a menu with "SuperSearch Me" inside the menu press ok on it this will search all servers and find many more new server links throughout the system, now one of these should work ok, Note the "SuperSearch Me" function only works in certain lists like movies etc. but not all lists like Youtube etc. or Live TV.

Tip 6. Sometimes on some server links you need to click 3 times for the link to work like "Billion Uploads Server" for instance, this is not the box but a quirk or timeout on the server that the link is coming from, if it don't work after 3 try's then it may not be working for that link, so try another link or see Tip 5 above.

Remember: Everything You See On Your New Box is FREE and is Constantly Work In Progress and therefore things can change over time like the Menu Systems, Programmes, Links, Etc., nothing unless paid for is ever guaranteed on the web, so just sit back and enjoy the ride, and just remember it's all free.

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Smart MX1000HD Xtream Problem Solving And Fixes

Smart MX1000HD Xtream Problem Solving And Fixes

Official Smart MX1000HD Xtream Problem Solving And Fixes:

Smart MX1000HD Xtream Problems And How To Fix,

NOTE: You Must Follow Any Instructions Below Carfully And Don't Enter Any Other Menus or Options Only What The Instructions Below Tell You To Do, If You Do Change or Sellect Any Settings That We Do Not Support, Then You May Crash Your Box Fully And Your Box Will Then Need To Be Returned For Re-Programming And Will Be Chargable.

Q1. My Live TV Channel List Have Missed An Update or is Out Of Date.

If Your "World TV Films" Live TV Channel List Have Missed An Update or Have Gone Out Of Date Then Try The Following Fix:

A1. To Fix or Re-Load The Live TV Channel List Database Do The Following:

1. On The "MX1000HD Menu Bar" Click OK On The "Settings" Tab.

2. You Should Now See "Aeon Nox" Menu On The Screen.

3. Select "Live TV" Near The Bottom Of The Aeon Nox Menu Screen And Press OK.

4. You Should Now See Aeon Nox "General Tab Highlighted" On The Left And "TV SETTINGS" At The Top Of The Aeon Nox Menu Screen.

5. Press The "Right Button" On The Remote To Move To The "Right", And Then Scroll Down And Highlight "Reset the PVR database" In righthand Menu And Then Press OK.

6. You Will Now See A Warning That The Database Will Be Downloaded Select Yes or OK, This Will Re-Load And Download The Latest PVR Database To Your Box.

7. Exit All Menus And Go To "World TV Films" And Press OK Then Check Your Channel List, Has It Changed, If So, Your Done.
If Not, Then There Is Another Problem Somewhere Within The Box Software.

8. If There is Still A Problem Then See Q2. How To Fully Reset All Backgrounds & Widgets To Factory Settings And Re-Download Backgrounds & Widgets From The Server To The Box.

Q2. How To Fully Reset All Backgounds & Widgets To Factory Settings And Re-Download Backgrounds & Widgets Settings On The MX1000HD Xtream.

A2. If You Are Getting Problems In The Menu System This can Happen With Missed Updates or Corruption Due To Changes Made In Settings Etc.
Then Follow These Steps Carefully on Your Box to Re-Install the Systems Backgounds & Widgets:-

1. Go To Settings - skin - customizers - main menu item customizer (Backgrounds/Widgets)

2. Press Right To Move Through Ribbon And Find 're-install' - Then Press OK - Now Disable Set to OFF - And Press Return

3. Now Exit the skin Menu and Settings Menu.

4. Ensure you have an active internet connection in settings - system - internet access - network connection.

5. Find Re-Install In The Menu Ribbon And Press OK on Re-Install Option.

Your Box Will Now Reboot And Re-Install Backgounds & Widgets From The Server.

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Discount Infusum Live HD Sports Streams For The MX1000HD-Xtream Box

Discount Infusum Live HD Sports Streams For The MX1000HD-Xtream Box



To BACKORDER This Item Now Call 01634 296929 or Email Us For Stock Availability.

OFFICIAL DEALERS For Optional Infusum.TV Sports Discount Passes
Pay As You Go & No Auto Renewals

The MX1000HD-Xtream Now Has 115 Optional LIVE STREAMING HD SPORTS CHANNELS BJ, Sly & ALL 380 3pm Games Live In HD & More from Infusum TV
ALL The Sports You Need With No Contracts & No Auto Renewal Nothing More To Pay, You Pay As You Go Whenever You Please

What Could Be Better Than That!

All channels have a high quality live EPG (Electronic programme guide) that updates in real time with information about what is currently on the channel with a short description about the programme and information about the next scheduled programme

In addition to the optional live premium streaming channels we also provide thousands of free latest HD & SD Movies and TV Box Sets on demand. From the very latest Hollywood Blockbusters to your all-time favourites. You will be amazed at the sheer quantity and variety of on-demand entertainment from HD Movies, TV Shows, Kids Entertainment, Documentaries, Music and Radio all available at your fingertips, all brought to you via the new MX1000HD-Xtream Media Box.

Below is a list of current optional live HD premium channels on the MX1000HD-Xtream Media Box. Optional Premium Sports channels in Full HD (High Definition) SD (Standard Definition) and LD (Low definition). 3 different types of streams to suit all available bandwidth. If you are viewing these channels on a poor bandwidth or mobile bandwidth they can still be viewed on your device in LD. The quality of the picture is still excellent but the size of the streams have been reduced to enable you to still view these under many different conditions.

Now With 106 Live Streaming Channels And Growing Including;

ALL 380 EPL 3pm Games Live In HD
ALL BJ Sports HD Channels 1 & 2
ALL Sly Sports HD Channels 1 - 5, F1, Sly Sports News
Racing UK
At The Races
Box Nation
NBC Sports Extra
Sportsmans Channel
Outdoor Channel
Fox Sports
Golf Channel
BEIN Sports 1 to 15
Fox Sports
TSN HD 1 to-5
RDS HD 1 & 2

Channels Also Included;

Discovery Science, Discovery, Discovery Turbo, Sly Atlantic, Sly One, Nat Geo Wild, Nat Geo, History Channel, C & I, Disney Channel, Disney Junior, BBC 1, BBC 2, BBC 3, BBC 4, BBC News, CBEEBIES, Ch 4, Ch 5, ITV 1, ITV 2, ITV 3, ITV 4, Dave, Quest, E4, Yesterday, CBS Reality, CBS Drama, More 4, Reality, 5 USA, Pick TV, Etc.

All Channels Have Full EPG And Updated Live Daily

What More Do You Want!

Click Here! To Purchase Discount Infusum TV HD Sports Packs

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