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Wecome To MultiMediaSystems.co.uk Consumer Electronics & Accessories Mail Order Sales UK, Ireland, Europe & World, Professional Satellite Installations & Service Kent, Sussex, Surrey, Essex & London Areas.

Freeview TV Aerials

Triax Digital Freeview Aerial High Gain Unix 52 Element Wide Band

Triax Digital Freeview Aerial High Gain Unix 52 Element Wide Band

Normal Price 49.99

Save 20.00 Now Only 19.99 (23.99 Including VAT at 20%)


PDF Tech Download File

Freeview Aerial Installation

Freeview Aerial Installation

Price 99.99 (119.99 Including VAT at 20%)


Add A Freeview Digital Aerial

Add Freeview Receiver Recorder or Youview Box (If Recquired)

Brackets And Where Is The Aerial To Be Installed?

Add Extra HQ Low Loss Cable Runs Up To 15m To Extra Rooms This Will Include Cable Connectors And Installation

Add Aerial Amplifier

Select Your Installation Area Below

UHF Aerial Coax Connector Plug

UHF Aerial Coax Connector Plug

Price 0.75 (0.90 Including VAT at 20%)


UHF Connector Coupler

UHF Connector Coupler

Price 0.50 (0.60 Including VAT at 20%)




We Can Help With A New Aerial Upgrade Or New Freeview Receiver

Find Out How We Can Help Click Here!

Are You Ready For LTE?

Freesat HD Satellite System What You Need To Know

Freesat HD Satellite System What You Need To Know

A few things to think about if you're interested in FreeSat:

How many rooms would you like FreeSat in?
You'll need a FreeSat digital box or TV with FreeSat HD built in for each room and/or TV point.

Which FreeSat product should I buy?
You have got a range of options to choose from , including FreeSat HD digital boxes and televisions with FreeSat HD built in, so you can get what’s best for you.

Check out our FreeSat Products and Services in this section For FreeSat Equipment And Installation Click Here!

What if I've already got a satellite dish and cabling from Astra 28.2 East Satellite (Sky) or Motorised System?
If you already have a working Astra or Sky satellite system, you may be able to simply plug in a FreeSat digital box. We can supply you all the information Equipment and Installation you will need just Call Us on: 01634 296929.

What sort of installation will I need?
You'll need a satellite dish to receive FreeSat. If there’s already one on your home you may be able to use it, but we can recommend the best installation for you.

A standard installation starts from around £80.00 For FreeSat Equipment And Installation Click Here!

For More Info or To Book An Installation Just Call 01634 29-69-29
Freeview Channels Available Now

Freeview Channels Available Now

EPG Channel Type And Mux

1 BBC One Entertainment 1
2 BBC Two Entertainment 1
3 ITV1 (and GMTV) Entertainment 2
4 Channel 4 Entertainment 2
5 Five Entertainment A
6 ITV2 Entertainment 2
7 BBC Three Entertainment 1
9 BBC Four Culture B
10 ITV3 Entertainment 2
11 Sky 3 Entertainment C
12 Yesterday (Was UKTV History) History 6am to 6pm only D
13 Channel 4+1 Entertainment 2
14 More 4 Entertainment 2
15 Film4 Movies D
16 QVC Shopping A
17 G.O.L.D Entertainment Top Up Anytime only A
18 4Music Music D
19 Dave Entertainment C
20 Virgin 1 Entertainment A
21 TMF / Noggin Kids Music channel D
22 Ideal World Shopping D
23 Bid TV / ScreenShop Shopping A
24 ITV4 (and GMTV2) Entertainment 2
25 Dave ja vu (+ 1) Entertainment D
26 Home (formerly UKTV Style) Lifestyle Top Up Anytime only A
27 ITV2 + 1 Entertainment D
28 E4 Entertainment 2
29 E4 + 1 Entertainment C
30 Fiver Entertainment A
31 Five USA Entertainment A
32 SmileTV Quiz Overnight C
33 SmileTV 2 Adult chat Overnight D
34 ESPN (Originally Setanta) Sport Available on BT Vision and Top Up TV A
35 Virgin 1 +1 Entertainment 6pm to 6am only D
36 Create & Craft Shopping 8am to 1pm. More D
37 Bid Deal Quiz 10pm to 5am. More D
45 Lottery Xtra Entertainment 8:45 to 9:45 am. More D
47 Quest TV Entertainment Launch Postponed A
48 Supercasino Gaming A
49 Rocks & Co / NetPlay TV Shopping /Gaming A
50 Partyland Adult Chat A
70 CBBC Kids 1
71 Cbeebies Kids B
72 CITV Kids 2
80 BBC News News 1
81 BBC Parliament News B
82 Sky News News C
83 Sky Sports News Sport C
84 CNN News 7pm to midnight only A
85 Russia Today News 6am to 8am only D
87 Community Channel Specialist B
88 Teachers TV Specialist 4pm to 6pm only A
97 Television X Adult Subscription A
100 Teletext Text Text service 2
101 Teletext Holidays Text Text service A
102 Rabbit Text Dating Text service 2
103 Teletext Casino Text Text service A
104 1-2-1 Dating Text Text service 2
105 BBC Red Button Text Text service 1
106 DirectGov Text Text service 2
102 Gay Rabbit Text Dating Text service 2
108 Sky Text Text Text service C
300 4TV Interactive Text Text service D
306 TROVE Text Text service C

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